Fire Brigade Pipes and Drums

The Fire Brigade Pipes and Drums is a Fire Department bagpipe band. This band consists of brave firefighters from the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. It has the mission to represent the pride and sacrifice of the Fire Service and to celebrate its heritage. Actually, the pipe and drum bands are at the core of the fire department tradition. Know also that they are a symbol of all firefighters’ strength, values, and even brotherhood. The said bagpipe band will continue to uphold their founder’s inspiring and great vision.

Their founder’s vision is “to have fun and play great music” while honoring the sacrifices of all the firefighters. The Fire Brigade Pipes and Drums bagpipe band has officers, pipers, drummers, instructors, and students too. As for the officers, there is a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. There is also a band manager, quarter master, pipe major, and member at large. These officers are doing their best up to this time to keep all the band members not forget their vision and mission.

And for the pipers, there is a pipe corporal, secretary, pipe sergeant, fundraising chair, quarter master,  and pipe major. For the drummers, there is in-charge for the snare drum and merchandising, tenor drum, treasurer, drum corporal, president, drum sergeant, and bass drum. There is a pipe instructor, drumming instructor, and chanter instructor too. The bagpipe band members always had the pleasure to perform at several venues. They had played during retirements, expos, parades, and even in parties. They also had the solemn duty to play at numerous fallen heroes ceremonies.